How To Have TRUE Freedom Working From Home in a Business!

How DO you really have TRUE freedom working from home in a home based business? You see, many home businesses and companies promise freedom, but the reality I’ve seen myself and in consulting with home business reps – is the fact that many people have less freedom and work MORE at their home business opportunity … Continue reading “How To Have TRUE Freedom Working From Home in a Business!”

How DO you really have TRUE freedom working from home in a home based business?

You see, many home businesses and companies promise freedom, but the reality I’ve seen myself and in consulting with home business reps – is the fact that many people have less freedom and work MORE at their home business opportunity than they do with a regular job!

They make less money than they could, but end up spending tons of time working and end up getting frustrated and just quit altogether.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

One reason why many people don’t really have true freedom in building a home based business, is the fact that the business model or company they got involved with does not offer them as much assistance and leverage in their production activities.

Another reason is, that the income production leverage in that home business may not be as good or as high as other businesses out there – and people are forced to work harder to produce less income that what they could do somewhere else.

Just because an opportunity looks good on the outside (before you join), doesn’t really mean that it is as leveraged and efficient for helping you get the job done as another business could be.

The solution is to do your homework before getting involved in a home business company to find out how leveraged the situation will be for you, and if that company helps you outsource some of the day to day tasks so you ONLY have to concentrate on true income producing activities.

This way, you can work fewer hours and get more done AND make more money. Working harder or longer doesn’t make you more money. Your work time and efforts MUST be leveraged in order to achieve true freedom and have a great life and time OUTSIDE your business.

Freedom Work – How Work Frees Us

“Surely that’s an oxymoron,” many shriek, hating work, whether it’s paid or not, not seeing any connection whatsoever between the two words that title this article.

And yet:

Work is our ticket to freedom.

The subject of work we find daunting mostly for what it involves – we can’t truly extract ourselves from our work in this world because our work involves an intrinsic part of all our lives; just walking to the fridge to commence making a sandwich involves work. We’re best not to be beaten down by our work – that’s the sign we need rest.

Getting ahead in life is about getting ahead.

Ticket to Ride

It’s truly about being two steps, notionally, in front of the games (of work) that consume us. (Imagine thinking all our activities [work] as games.) If we can discipline ourselves to plan ahead and do whatever we determine needs doing, we do reap much blissful freedom. There is no limit to this spiritual freedom we reap for the meaning of our work.

These are our ‘tickets to ride’ in life.

Option or Requirement – Our Choice

The reverse is hardly a viable option… the less we do the more the requirements of others will be on us.
We don’t really like that word “requirement” in this context. Most of us would much prefer “option” over “requirement,” and it is the wisdom of experience that teaches us.

Time Freedom – Work From Home and Earn $500 a Day

My aim in this article is to discuss the internet and the impact of direct selling. I was astonished that one can money or a living from home, anywhere and literally get paid. This made me dream of going to long holiday’s Far East, or even work from home at the comfort of my seat.

Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to go shopping at the malls? Well, your problem is solved, just visit the web, and you will find anything under the sun to buy online, and you name it. The internet through websites and email services is so dramatic and their effect so powerful. This enables one to communicate to unlimited persons in their homes at a cheaper cost.

The reason I am giving you this information is to let you know that you can work at home and a living since there are a million people out there who are willing to buy anything online. You can do marketing of products as an affiliate and make close to even $1000 a day working at home. The idea of affiliate marketing is unlimited.

E-commerce is the largest market in the world. It involves the buying and selling of products and services through electronic means, mostly the internet. It is easy for an average family buying their basic living goods online. Items like clothes, financial services, cosmetic, cleaning products, software and even food.

Now you know why am telling you that you can work from home by doing Data entry jobs and get paid doing close to nothing.

Are you happy with your income?

Economists can prove we are financially wealthier, but they cannot measure the poverty of the soul. The fact is that most people are unhappy with their life, after spending so much time madly working through their whole life.

Feeling unfulfilled is a major trend, people are taking jobs where they get more ” personal satisfaction ” or personal freedom and are starting their own businesses because they always wanted to.

These kinds of jobs are good for every one especially the following people:

1. The unemployed

If you are unemployed, let me assure you that there is a lot of opportunities out there.

2. Students

Wow! This works well for students especially if they need money. For those of us who are parents out there can register their children to stop them asking for more money.

3. The retired

If you are retired, you need money. Let me say this that all of us need money at any stage of our life.

And many other more category of people I have not mentioned above, and if I have not mentioned you please put yourself in as long you are in need of money.

Working from home is the best way to earn the extra money that you need, or even earn an income through it the way many of other people are doing before you.

Online Data Entry – Absolute Freedom, Work at Home – Data Entry Work

Tired of working like a slave for a traditional eight hours a day and five days in a week job that pays like a joke? Tired of living from pay check to check? Do you want to break free and have absolute freedom financially and be in control of your own life? Fret no more and why not try online data entry! It is the most popular home job today and millions all over the world have realized that they don’t have to stay stuck to a job that seem to be like a death sentence because they have a choice or a much better alternative.

You might say this is just a joke because nobody will earn a decent living typing at home. It is natural to think that way and to be skeptical because data entry work is not the usual traditional office job, but you would be surprised to know that service providers in this field are earning between $300-500 in a week. They earn more in a day than what most regular office employees earn in a week. Income is not limited and predetermined. You set your earning goals and you can work for it.

The job involves entering in a computer system some text or numerical data. No high educational attainment or specialized training required. If you can type and you are internet literate then you are ready to start. Do not worry because unlike other online jobs data entry will not require you to stock inventory, make your own website and there is no need business start-up fees. Here you will only capitalize in your typing skills and dependability at work. You can choose jobs from entering email addresses in a data base to doing legal transcription.

To find a job it is very easy. Subscribe in a program such as the National Data Entry so that you will be guided and trained on how to start. They will teach you a 5-step approach in achieving your earnings goals and it is very easy to follow. Even an average person can do it without difficulty.

By Choice Is Freedom

You can do anything you want. Though we often feel controlled by others and our circumstances, the reality is we are the ones who choose. It’s us and us alone. This can be easily tested.

We do this thing before us or we don’t – though there seems no choice, what we do is our choice. We choose it; we always have and we always will. We can refuse but there are often consequences.


By taking the time to notice the reality in the concept of our freedom, that which is actualised by choice, life takes on a fresh meaning. Sure, we have people relying upon us, and we even rely upon ourselves to do things toward the achievement of our goals, but we have control.

Now, there’s a great paradox to this control; we actually fear freedom – which gives us the ability to be responsible for our decisions, our actions, the things we’re accountable for; the things that history will note us liable for. We cringe under such responsibility at times.

Where we can conceive the knife-edge reality, that we both crave and fear our freedom, we stand with the possibility of reframing our vision. On the one hand what we crave we actually have, though it’s more natural to think we don’t have it. On the other hand we don’t imagine it consciously at all, but we fear our freedom; not linking the immense responsibility we have in being free.

As we reframe our vision, noting what we crave we actually have and not fearing our responsibilities because achieving them is routine, we have instant access to a meaningful freedom. Freedom works for us on both hands.


What we need is a daily reminder, even moment by moment, as we remember within our conscious thinking how free we are.

Some people carry an Ebenezer stone on them in remembrance of God’s faithfulness as Samuel did (1 Samuel 7:12). Other people carry upon their hearts an image or a liberating quote in their minds – they meditate on these. Others again have freeing routines that remind them their time is sacrosanct. Others, further, have discreet places where they become themselves to themselves.

By choice is freedom. By choice, and the use our imaginations, we decree what we will do. And beyond feeling controlled, we can feel in control just in the way we think. Even when, by our responsibilities, we must choose a certain way, we’re free to be responsible.

It’s enormously liberating to know how much personal control we have; to decide in congruence with what a mature person would decide. There’s much pleasure in that as only we’d feel it.